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Electrical Service Contractors in El Paso, Texas

Villarreal and Sons Enterprise Inc. has proudly served an area that includes El Paso County and southeastern New Mexico since 1984. Our commitment to provide safe and NEC-compliant electrical work is complemented by our determination to provide energy-efficient lighting and power alternatives to all our customers.

We have a special niche that specializes in electrical troubleshooting, repair and construction. Our customers include governmental concerns, commercial establishments, service brokers and high-end residential markets.
We’re proud of our reputation as experts and professionals in our field, and to provide the specialty electrical diagnostic services that are our forte.


The electrical division is manned by certified technicians with specialties in electrical installation and troubleshooting, lighting design and installation, data and telecom installation, as well as surveillance and access control.

The alternative energy division has a combination of licensed solar installers, energy audit specialists, and licensed electrical installers all working together to help Texas and New Mexico on their quest to become more energy efficient and earth-friendly. 

Starting with his own educational pursuits, Mr. Ricardo Villarreal, Owner, President, and Master Electrician, has always put a strong emphasis on continuing education...

Our Services

We serve a wide array of governmental concerns, businesses, and residential markets, all earned through an unsurpassed reputation of quality work and expert knowledge.

                    - Electrical machinery and equipment repair.
                    - Control systems repair and installation.
                    - Power analysis, power factor correction.
                    - Bucket Truck and crane Service.
                    - Parking lot lighting design, installation, and repair.
                    - Interior and exterior lighting design, installation, and repair.
                    - Neon and fluorescent sign installation and  repair.
                    - Electrical well pump service.
                    - Maintenance contracts.
                    - Including but not limited to lighting retrofit; occupancy sensors
                    - Service changes and upgrades
                    - Custom lighting designs
                    - Power quality analysis and correction
                    - Fiber optic installation and repairs
                    - Telephone line installation
                    - Voice over IP
                    - Access control
                    - Security and surveillance
                    - Information systems switches and routers installation and programming
                    - Cabling design and installation for voice/data, audio/video, WAN/LAN, scanners,
            computer systems, and access control
                    - Security and surveillance
                    - Information systems
                    - Energy efficiency
                    - Lighting
                    - Energy audits
                    - Retrofits
                    - Occupancy sensors
                    - Energy Sustainability: Solar electric design and installation
                    - PV Therm hot water
                    - Window film for energy savings
                    - Complete turnkey remodel projects
                    - TDLR Continuing Education Training & Electrical Apprenticeship
                      (DOL BAT  & TX vets qualified)