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Photovoltaic System (PV) Inverters

Converting DC generated by your solar modules into a usable AC signal can be easily achieved with great products and proven performance.

Typical high performance system inverters we employ are Power-One, Fronius, SMA, and Enphase. Please make sure to ask your greenGo representative the benefits of employing these top-of-the line inverter platforms.

Online Internet Presence

Make sure to mention our site, greenGo-1.com, when you call for more information and ask for educational videos and brochures on Photovotaics (PV) in applied solar-electric systems.


Our Company

Solar electric systems are high voltage systems that require qualified and licensed electricians to properly ground and bond the installation.

greenGo's electrical service techs have been providing energy efficiency solutions to customers in Texas and New Mexico for over 25 years.


Master Electricians License - Performance and Safety


Solar system consultation and installations can save you money and can provide a great return-on-investment!

Let greenGo show you how to take advantage of state and federal CASH incentives and calculate a PV finanical portfolio for your specific site.


greenGo helps you get your greenbacks!

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Licenses and Certifications

Master Electrician - Texas

EE98 and EE98J - New Mexico

New Mexico Solar Energy Association Member

NFPA Member

IEC Member

Electronics Technician's Association, Solar Division Member

BBB Member

US Dept of Labor BAT Certified Apprenticeship Program

Texas Dept of License and Regulation Certified CEU Provider

Fluke Test Equipment Certified Training Partner

Certified Photovoltaics Installer - ETA

Certified Alternative Energy Systems Integrator - ETA

Photovotaic (PV) manufacturer's systems training: Sanyo

PV Inverter manufacturer's systems training: Outback, Fronius, and Enphase